for Hiring the Executive Project Design and Construction of the International Tunnel “Paso de Agua Negra”.

The opening of applications was made on 05/31/2017



- Updated Bid Documents 03-04-2017 (amendments included)

- Original Bid Documents

- Minute of the Opening of Applications


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Entidad Binacional Túnel de Agua Negra

For many years, Argentina and Chile have been pursuing the construction of an important Binational Tunnel that connects the Province of San Juan with the IV Region in Chile. The Túnel de Agua Negra is the most precious link in a second Bioceanic corridor, which will connect both, the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans by the middle region of both countries.

It is expected that this Tunnel provide a substantial contribution to the social integration and promote the economic growth of this section of the American Continent. The Túnel de Agua Negra technical characteristics as well as the geographical position confers to it a singular character at an international level.


As stated in the Complementary Protocol of the Treaty of Maipú (Protocolo Complementario del Tratado de Maipú) of Integration and Cooperation between Argentina and Chile, EBITAN’s main aim is to make a progress in the works related to the Túnel Internacional Paso de Agua Negra. In order to achieve said progress, the following responsibilities are assigned to EBITAN:


Feasibility of the Project

Check the necessary technical studies for the feasibility of the Project in order to be able to perform the studies and additional and/or complementary analysis EBITAN considers necessary.


Mutual Cooperation

Request from both Governments different bodies all technical assistance and all information EBITAN considers necessary to achieve its aims.


Project Assembly

Gather all necessary antecedents in order to elaborate the corresponding documents to set the Project. Call for Public Bid and grant the Project.


Control, Regulation and Supervision

Act as a control body per se, or through third parties assuming that for said aim the regulatory and supervising functions necessary to check the compliance of the agreement through all the validity term.